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Executive Members
2023 - 2026

Serge Carpino


Canal City Realty

12 Regent St.

Thorold, ON L2V 1T1

Tel: (905) 227-5544

Laurie-Anne Lamothe

Vice Chair

Yoga Centre of Niagara

24A Front Street South At the Back,

Thorold, ON

Tel: (905) 328-3397

Terri-Lynn Woodhouse


One Earth

9 Front St S,

Thorold, ON L2V 1W8

Tel: (289) 362-4933


Stephanie Gondek

Marketing Chair

The Burgh

1 Albert St W,

Thorold, ON L2V 1X9

Tel: (905) 680-8088

Santino Perri

Beautification Chair

Impact Promotions

32 Front Street South

Thorold, ON

Tel: (289) 362-5646

Kristen Dalton


Lew's Pizza + Wings + Things

32 Front Street North

Thorold, ON

Tel: (905) 227-5676

Councillor Mike DeDivitiis

City Councillor 

Councillor Ken Sentance

City Councillor 

Photo of 2023 - 2026 Executive Board
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