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Skrtich Living


Thorold, ON

L2V 1W9

(Rear) - Front Street South



Photo 2018-07-21, 12 08 32 PM.jpg



Anniversary in Downtown Thorold:

Skrtich Living offers the ultimate in purpose-built student accommodations. Our mission is to enhance your learning experience by building residential communities that support your academic and personal growth. We provide secure and supportive environments that can ease the transition from home to post-secondary. Through shared experiences and activities you will discover and appreciate differences, learn to live more independently, and experience personal growth at an important time in your life.

Your own private en suite bathroom adds to your comfort and independence in your new home. Each suite, essentially self-contained, allows students the privacy and space to study in their own surroundings. These unique amenities create a quality environment that inspires creativity and fosters productivity.

Skrtich Living off-campus houses are located in prime city locations across Thorold and St.Catharines; all residences are located within 5KM of Brock University, on main bus routes, and a short 6-10 minute drive to Brock University and Niagara College. Skrtich Living offers all forms of living from shared residences, to bachelor apartments, to luxury suites.

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