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Downtown Parking Survey

Hi everyone! The City of Thorold has formed a Parking Committee to look at parking in Downtown Thorold. The BIA Executive and membership, with the support of Henderson’s Pharmacy, have decided to undertake a parking survey in order to establish some baseline data of the current parking situation in the Downtown including how the parking areas are currently being used by customers and residents, length of stay, demand for residential parking, and other items. Attached is a survey that we request that landowners or business owners fill out for each of their properties or businesses in Downtown Thorold. We would request that you either fill out the survey electronically and return it by email or fill out the survey and drop the survey off at NeVaeh Kids Spa at 59 Front Street South. In addition to the survey for landowners or business owners there is a survey for employees that we would request you distribute to your employees and ask them to fill out and return. The employee survey can be returned to NeVaeh Kids Spa at 59 Front Street South. Please return filled out surveys electronically or to 59 Front Street South by Friday, September 4th 2015. We thank you for your assistance and participation in this important survey that will help the BIA and the City of Thorold begin to understand and address parking in Downtown Thorold in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner. TENANT/PROPERTY/BUSINESS OWNER SURVEY EMPLOYEE SURVEY Have a great day! - Thorold BIA

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