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Fire at Community Care

In light of the recent fire at Thorold Community Care, Rick Westlake and Kelly Liddycoat of the Bocchinfuso Funeral Home are issuing a corporate challenge to all businesses in Thorold and particularly those members of the Greater Thorold Business Council to match or better their donation of $100.00

If you have ever been involved in a fire (and Kelly has), you know how long it takes for an insurance cheque to come in. At best it will be a week before Community Care will see a cheque. Those in our community that rely on the service provided by Community Care cannot wait for a week before their next meal!

In the long term Community Care will make out o.k. But they (and those in our community that are less fortunate) need our help now. Please match or beat our donation, or give what you can and send your cheque in or deliver it in person ASAP.

Thank you for continuing to make Thorold such a giving community.

Kelly Liddycoat & Rick Westlake

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