Pampered Peach, The - SugarBrig Hair Removal


Thorold, ON

L2V 1R1

Clairmont Street



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Anniversary in Downtown Thorold:

SugarBrig is a Burgoening technique in the Niagara region that offers a more gentle alternative to common methods of hair removal.

100% Organic Sugar, and applied cool to the skin with the tips of the fingers allows for a painless application and swift removal, like removing a bandaid.

SugarBrig removes the hair with the natural hair direction, allowing it to return finer and more sparse over time.

Rachel Bertrand, Owner and Practitioner at the Pampered Peach has a passion for helping you feel like your best self, and wants you to know that all bodies are beautiful.

The Pampered Peach also features the Peachy Palette, a weekly paint class taught by instructors Debbie and Julie, with over 25 years experience.